Notable Items:

Petitioner: State of Wisconsin
Respondent: Jonas Yoder, Wallace Miller, and Adin Yutzy
Venue: Supreme Court of the United States
Opinion of the Court: Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972)

Issue(s) Before the Court:

Does Wisconsin's compulsory school attendance law impinge upon the Free Exercise of Religion?

Petitioner's Claim(s):

Wisconsin's compulsory school attendance law required them to cause their children to attend public or private school until reaching age 16.

Respondent's Claim(s):

... compulsory attendance law violated their rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.
... their children's attendance at high school, public or private, was contrary to the Amish religion and way of life.

Holding(s) and Disposition:

Held: We affirm the judgment of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.

Material Facts:

Procedural History:


Majority Opinion (Burger, Brennan, Stewart, White, Marshall, Blackmun)

Stewart Concurrance (Brennan)

White Concurrance (Brennan, Stewart)

Douglas Dissenting in Part

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Majority Full Argument